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November 19, 2021

Picking the Perfect Wedding DJ

We’ve all been to a wedding with a bad Dj, right? Honestly, it makes the whole reception kind of a drag. Obviously, you still love being with the couple (and the food helps), but the dance floor is empty and people are sitting around on their phones.

On the flip side, you’ve probably been to a wedding reception with a GREAT DJ, and you were on the dance floor the whole night! Those are the wedding receptions you look at the pictures and you remember the amazing night you had.

Well, how do you find the perfect DJ to fit your wedding reception?

What DJ Services Do Want

You may think that all DJs have the same services, right? Not true!

Each DJ or DJ company has different packages and services depending on their specialties. Some DJs will only play music during the wedding reception. Others are more “full-service” DJs that provide sound equipment for the wedding ceremony, lighting, MC services, and more.

Before you start sending emails or picking DJs, first determine what you want and need from a DJ. They are not all the same.

If you decide on the services beforehand, you can ensure the DJ will have all of the necessary equipment come wedding day. Most DJs can bring more than just a simple computer and speakers, but you need to find a DJ who has all the services and equipment you want.

Talk About Expectations

Of course, you and your future spouse should ALWAYS talk about your expectations. But you also need to have a conversation about expectations with your potential DJ.

Because your DJ is going to be doing more than just hitting the “play” button, make sure you both understand how the day will go and express what you’re wanting. We’ve met a lot of amazing DJs, but they are not mind readers. This is where you can iron out a lot of messes before they ever happen.

While this is true of every wedding vendor, it’s especially vital with a DJ.

What are some things to share with your DJ:

  • Do you want them to announce the bridal party?
  • Will you be doing a father/bride or mother/groom dance? (we have seen awkward situations where the DJ announced it, but they weren’t happening)
  • During the first dance, do you want to dance for the whole song or a set amount of time?

Music Choices / Styles

This may seem a little obvious (and most DJs are very diligent about this), but we still felt the need to include it.

Talking about music style is more than just picking what songs you want or don’t want – it’s seeing the typical playlist from a DJ and how they mix.

The wedding reception relies on the DJ to keep things moving and people on the dance floor. Unless you pick the whole playlist yourself or you want to plug your iPod into the aux cord (yes, we said iPod), make sure the DJ understands the type of music you and your fiance like.

Do you want high energy the whole reception or something laid back where guests can chill? Good DJs know how to keep the flow of reception going (that’s one reason they are there), but make sure they know what music you want to hear or anything to avoid. We ALL have those songs that we can’t stand.

MC Services

This is a big one. Do you just want an MC or do you want someone to be the voice that is controlling the wedding? A wedding MC (usually also the DJ) will be the one to announce the wedding party, give instructions for food, announce the cutting of the cake, fill in any lulls in the party, and so much more.

Depending on the flow of your reception and what you’re imagining, a DJ who also MCs may or may not be needed. But just because they are a great DJ does not mean they are a good MC. You don’t want a great party to be ruined by an odd silence between events or a DJ or constantly hops on the mic to make awkward jokes.

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