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February 26, 2020

Announcing Spring 2020 Intern Applications

We already have 21 weddings booked for 2020! That’s amazing and we are so thankful! In 2019, we had 13 weddings and I also second shot a few.

With the growth we have experienced, we know we need some extra help! The past few months, we have had an intern who is a high school student. Megan has been so helpful with carrying/transferring equipment and helping us make sure our couples are taken care of well on the wedding day! It has been a great experience for us, but she will soon be graduating high school and off to college.

But I have realized that it could be so beneficial to us to have someone who can help more on the technical side of things! I have been dreaming about what this could look like and we have decided that we want to hire a shooting-intern! This internship could begin in late March/early April and go until the end of our Fall wedding season (or longer if we are a great fit!).

Here are the requirements!


•Be positive, energetic, joyful and willing to help
•Be available on Saturdays; flexible schedule
•Be willing to travel to sessions & weddings
•Be able to come along to weddings and shoots as assistant – holding lights, setting up stuff, fluffing dresses (up to 8 hr day)
•Be willing to learn and serve others
•Live in/near Anderson, SC or the Upstate

As an intern, you’ll learn everything from how I shoot weddings and portrait sessions, to editing, and basic business practices like responding back to couples and everything in between. 

You’d be a great fit if you’re willing to do/learn how to do the following:

•Cull weddings and sessions in photomechanic
•Prep blog posts (blogstomp )
•Prep submissions for publication
•Assist at weddings (4-8 hours)
•Potential for 3rd shooting at larger weddings
•Non-shooting assistant at small weddings
•Available 1 day per week for office hours & occasional weekends for weddings
•Post office runs
•Uploading client galleries 

How this internship could be beneficial to you to learn:

•Skill development (shooting, culling, editing)
•How to build and maintain a profitable business
•How to build client relationships
•How to direct clients during a session
•Wedding day flow and organization
•How to maintain equipment / store images
•Styling details
•Course credit
•Gaining community in the creative community

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