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March 4, 2020

Full-Service Wedding Photographer | What Does it Mean?

On your wedding day, there are enough potential areas that can cause stress. Even before your wedding day. All of the planning can be SO much fun, but it can also be overwhelming. We want to be one area that you can rest assured will not bring you added stress. If anything, we hope to even have some fun with you and RELIEVE stress/anxiety for you!

What does it mean to be a full-service photographer?

To us, being a full service photography team means providing and attending to our client’s needs before they even realize they need. It means serving clients well by being involved in the wedding planning process from the initial inquiry to the engagement session, then the final gallery delivery, and album design.

A full-service photographer provides consistency, structure, and organization while also bringing a positive attitude to your wedding day. That’s our goal on every wedding day that we are involved with!

Of course, your photographer should have great technical knowledge of photography, posing, lighting, and great people skills. Your photographer should also know how to shoot any situation well and also be able to edit in a consistent and cohesive style that tells the story of your wedding day.

What should you expect from us as your wedding photographers?

So here’s how it will go down.

You inquire with us and you’ll receive a call/email and we may even set up an in-person meeting or video call if you’re interested! You’ll receive our online investment guide with lotssss of details. We will diligently answer any and every question you have!

If you decide to book with us, YAY! Congrats! We think you’ve made a pretty wonderful decision and we can’t wait to work with you! We love to provide our couples with tons of resources throughout their season of engagement, including our wedding experience magazine and our preferred vendor list! We are going to come alongside you during every part of your photography journey to make sure you make the most of your engagement and wedding photography!

Once you sign your agreement and we are official, we will book your engagement session!

We love going to some magical spots for engagement photos – Katie loves dreaming those up with the bride and groom to be! After your engagement session, you’ll be featured on our blog!

If you have chosen to do a bridal portrait session, we will take those photos 2-4 months before your wedding day. You’ll choose your very favorite and in a week or two a large format print will show up on your doorstep (or your mother’s, just in case your fiancé likes to be the one to open the mail. We don’t want any ruined surprises!)

Closer to Your Wedding Day

8 weeks before your wedding day, you will receive a questionnaire all about your wedding day plans. We will chat to discuss and create your perfect wedding day timeline as it pertains to photos. We will coordinate with your planner to make sure your day runs seamlessly.

Then, the big day is here! We will show up and give you a big hug! Then, we will tell the story of your day from start to finish. (And we will likely bust a move on the dance floor, and for sure have a piece of cake.)

And by the next morning, you’ll have a sneak peek in your email!

If you’ve ordered a legacy album, I will get your design to you within a few weeks of your wedding day, you’ll approve or make edits, and your custom, hand-crafted album will be in your hands within 2 months of your wedding!

Whew! A lot of lovely little steps that we try to help you with. See now why we call it a wedding photography experience?

Of course, you’ll receive lots of little goodies along your wedding photography journey because you deserve to be celebrated!

If you have any questions about our wedding services or want to know more about what we offer, click here!

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