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May 6, 2020

Top 5 Places To Find Wedding Inspiration

Wedding Planning Inspiration

Unless you’re one of those girls who has had their wedding planned out for the last 15 years, you might be at a loss trying to plan your wedding and then make everything match your dreams. (Well, first figuring out what in the world your wedding-dreams ARE!)

You want everything to be perfect, but you’re not sure how to get there. Honestly, you’ve probably never planned a wedding before – and you’re not sure where to start or what you want it to look like. 

What kind of flower arrangements do you want or what should you color scheme be? Have you thought about how you’re going to tie all of those colors into the decor? 

When you’re making color, decoration, and other big wedding decisions, we tell all of our brides one important thing: do what you want! If you and your fiance want to do something, go for it – even if it isn’t “trendy” or conventional. It’s your wedding!

Where to Go For Wedding Inspiration:

Can you imagine having to plan a wedding 100 years ago when there was very little inspiration to pull from? No television, no internet, even no magazines. Having to come up with all of it from scratch? 

Well, I’m VERY thankful I didn’t have to do that. When I was planning my wedding (almost 6 years ago), I had several resources I kept going to when making decisions. 

1. Past Weddings 

Having had a sister, several cousins, and friends get married before me, I had been to alot of weddings. I had also photographed a few myself. So I knew what I did NOT want and also drew some inspiration from previous weddings I had been to.

This is a tool to use to your benefit. Do you have people you are close with who have gotten married recently? Ask their opinion (if you want to hear it). Or think about their day. What were some things that you remembered about their wedding. What things did you love or not-love about their day? 

2. Pinterest

This one goes without saying, but it’s always worth repeating. I go to Pinterest for recipes, workouts, and much more. But when I was planning our wedding,  I used it a lot for looking for inspiration. Different styles of dresses and especially for color inspiration.

What’s great about Pinterest is they have a ton of DIY alternatives to some of your favorite wedding decor and ideas. It also makes it easy to save all your ideas on different boards and have everything organized so you can go back at any time and see which were your favorites. 

Pinterest is great, but also can be really overwhelming if you’re using it solely as your only planning tool. 

My advice is to get your wedding planner involved to help you!

3. Wedding Planning Blogs 

There are TONS of blogs out there that can be a treasure trove of wedding planning information. There are blogs for ANYONE – small weddings, big weddings, destination weddings, or DIY wedding masters. Regardless of what you have in mind, there is a blog out there for you. 

When I was planning my wedding I loved Style Me Pretty and Southern Weddings

What’s great about wedding planning blogs is the variety of different resources they share. You can see anything from guides to previous weddings. This allows you to see the decor and  also how you can recreate the look and what’s on-trend right now. 

4. The Katie Jaynes Blog 

We had to put our own blog in the mix. Sure, we don’t share a lot of DIY tutorials on wedding decorations, but if you are trying to get a general idea of what style you’re looking for, why not look through our previous weddings? 

Seeing someone else’s wedding come to life is the perfect way to spark ideas and see what you want to incorporate into your wedding.

5. Instagram

Did you know that IG has more than just videos of dogs and people doing home workouts? YES! There are plenty of accounts for wedding inspiration on the platform. 

What’s so awesome about Instagram is you can search by locations. You can search for your exact wedding venue. This lets you see your venue all decorated and see what you like and don’t like. 

You can also search hashtags! Ones specific to your area like #southcarolinawedding #greenvillescwedding #greenvillescphotographer #greenvillescflorist are helpful! 

Clearly, there are several places to begin with wedding inspiration! If/when you get overwhelmed, don’t hesitate to reach out to your vendors! They are the experts, and truly would LOVE to help you!

We Would Love to Help

If you need any help with your wedding ideas, we would love to talk! Obviously, we’ve been to a lot of weddings in our past 6 years and we’ve picked up a thing or two.

We’ve helped our brides by giving tips on the flow of the day, decor, gifts, and much more. We want to be more than just photographers, we want to be friends that make your engagement and wedding as much fun as possible.

Even if you already have the perfect photographer, we would still love to get coffee and talk about your wedding day!

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