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June 24, 2020

2020 Wedding Trends

We are already halfway through 2020 and wow has it been a crazy year?! I don’t think anyone could have predicted all that we have already experienced this year.

As people are still planning weddings and making decisions for their big day, we wanted to share some of the trends we’ve seen and what we are seeing on the internet.

Now, here is the thing about trends. First of all, we usually aren’t a big fan of them, but they can be perfect for providing inspiration. Why don’t we like trends? We don’t ever want anyone to make a decor or dress decision based on what others are doing.

Let’s dive into some of the new things we’ve seen recently. Hopefully, this can give you some ideas of what you might want to do for your wedding.

Micro Weddings

Did you know that even before the COVID pandemic hit, “micro” weddings were becoming VERY popular. Usually, these weddings are defined as weddings that have less than 40 guests, but it’s actually usually fewer than that.

Why are these weddings happening all across the United States? We’ve talked to a few people who have had micro weddings (not because of COVID) to see why some people are choosing these new wedding types.

The obvious reason we heard was for money. I’m no math whiz, but fewer people means saving a lot of money. Less guests means less food & alcohol to purchase,  and of course a smaller venue means more money in your savings account or towards a honeymoon.

Another reason people said they were considering a micro wedding was because of the intimacy they provide. These people didn’t have a problem with large weddings, but they wanted their wedding to be more relaxed and be able to spend time with each other and with each guest at their ceremony.

After COVID is less of a concern, hopefully a few months from now, we expect people to continue this trend of smaller weddings.

More Lighting

I LOVE this trend of bringing in more lighting to your ceremony or reception decor. Yes, lighting does fall under wedding decor, and the small decor details are my favorite.

We are seeing more and more receptions have extra string lights. We’ve seen hanging industrial lights or fairy lights on the bar. As photographers, we love seeing extra lights at a reception, they show up so great in the pictures, plus they are VERY cheap to add to a ceremony or reception.

Once upon a time, every wedding ceremony and reception was very dark and moody. It can have a “classy” look, but now brides are opting for the exact opposite. We are seeing more open windows, more outdoor weddings, more string lights, and it’s awesome, especially for us a light and airy photographers.

Blue is the New Black

Once upon a time, every groom dressed in a black suit. That’s no longer the case (look at Mitchel’s suit from our wedding).

We are starting to see a lot more tan pants and blue jackets. We see more guys getting a bit more creative with their fashion choices instead of the traditional look. Of course, don’t let your man go crazy (Mitchel would have worn white).

Colors of suits, ties, and shoes are ALWAYS changing. I mean, just look at any wedding from about 5 years ago and it’s going to look very different, but for now blue is everything!

Colors that Pop

More and more people are picking colors that really POP. I love this one so much. Everywhere you look, you’re going to see flowers, jewelry, centerpieces, and much more with bright colors.

We have seen emerald greens, mustard yellows, and deep blues popping up everyone in wedding decor. These jewel tones are become super popular and we don’t hate it.

Typically, I prefer muted, natural tones, but picking a bright color draws the eye and is a great way to brighten up the decor. We are seeing this a lot in bouquets, bridesmaid dresses, and in table decor.

Thinking Green

Speaking of color, there has been a new wave of brides going green while planning their wedding (I don’t mean the flowers). As environmental issues become more mainstream, brides are beginning to think about the environment as they are planning their wedding. It’s a very interesting trend to see.

One Fab Day did an amazing job of detailing how brides can be more eco-friendly when planning their magical moments. Things like buying local flowers, using recycled paper goods, and paying attention to the chemicals in candles are simples ways brides are thinking green.

Think Outside the Church

Couples are ditching the traditional wedding venues for more unique ceremony settings. In Greenville, couples are getting married in abandoned buildings turned venues, log cabins, or in old warehouses.

As the younger generation is deciding where they want their big day to be, the idea of having those moments in a stuffy old church (not stereotyping church, you do you) is not as appealing as it once was to some couples who are wanting to break out of tradition. These couples want something that’s different and unique.

As photographers, we are always excited to see new venues and different spots across South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia. Through the years, we’ve had couples pick some very special and unique places for their vows.


We hope you are loving some of these trends as much as we are! No matter what you choose, we know your big day will be lovely and amazing!

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