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June 1, 2024

A Summer Bemi’s Wedding | Mr. & Mrs. Acosta

A Greer SC Wedding Celebration | Bimi’s Wedding Photography

Makayla and Darian Acosta have a love story that is both enchanting and heartwarming. On May 18, 2023, they exchanged their vows in an intimate elopement in North Carolina, marking the beginning of their journey as husband and wife. One year later, on May 18, 2024, they gathered with their cherished family and friends at Bemi’s Wedding and Event Venue in Greer, SC, for a grand celebration and vow renewal. The venue, owned by Darian’s parents, added an extra layer of sentimental value to the occasion, making the day even more special.

Bemi’s offered a modern and romantic setting. With soft pastel colors adorning the decor, the venue exuded a dreamy, floral vibe that perfectly complemented the couple’s love story.

The Wedding Day

Despite a week of uncertain weather, the day of the wedding dawned bright and beautiful. Makayla and Darian were blessed with clear skies and warm sunshine, a perfect reflection of the love and joy that radiated throughout the day.

Makayla and her friends began their day upstairs at the beautiful bridal suite. Makayla looked stunning as she was getting ready to get into her wedding gown.

Darian and his groomsmen spent the morning at the venue, enjoying the relaxed atmosphere in the groom’s suite. They shared laughs and a few beers, setting a joyful tone for the day ahead.

The First Look

One of the most memorable moments of the day was the first look between Makayla and Darian. In the middle of the dance floor with the beautiful reception decor surrounding them, Darian turned to see his bride for the first time. The love and admiration in his eyes were evident, and Makayla’s radiant smile lit up the entire scene. They shared a private moment, exchanging sweet words and squeals, and stealing a few moments together before the festivities began.

The Vow Renewal Ceremony

The vow renewal ceremony was a heartfelt affair. Darian’s sister Ellie officiated and they were surrounded by all of their family and friends while Makayla and Darian reaffirmed their commitment to one another. The ceremony was filled with laughter, tears, and heartfelt vows that spoke to the deep love they share. Their sweet dog Baxter was also right up front with them.

The Reception

Following the ceremony, we took lots of fun family photos and then portraits of the bride and groom! Then, the celebration continued with a lively reception. Guests were treated to a delicious spread and the dance floor was soon filled with tons of laughter and dancing.

Throughout the night, there were touching toasts, joyful reunions, and endless smiles. The love and support from their family and friends were evident, making the day even more special for the couple.

A note to the couple:

Makayla and Darian, thank you for allowing us to be a part of your beautiful wedding celebration. It was a joy to witness your happiness and the love you share. May your journey together be filled with endless joy, love, and adventure. Here’s to many more anniversaries and cherished memories!

Venue | Florals | Planning: Bemi’s Wedding and Event Venue

Dress: Dimitras Designs

Video: Fipps Media 

H&MUA: Cotton Rouge and Co

Catering: Grace Catering

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