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January 9, 2020

Best of Weddings 2019 | Anderson SC Wedding Photographers

This year has been amazing for us! Katie Jaynes Photography grew more in 2019 than we ever thought possible. In 2018, we had 5 weddings. This year, we had 13 of our own and Katie second shot 6 with other photographers, for a total of 19! That’s crazy to us that Katie going full-time has made such a difference in our business!

All of those weddings made for one crazy year. There were several weekends where we had a double header weekend.

Every year, we take the time to look back on all of the weddings we were lucky to shoot. It’s one of our favorite times of the year and shows us just how blessed we are.

In 2019, we photographed weddings all across South Carolina and even up into North Carolina (Biltmore, which was a huge bucket list venue for us!)

This year brought a hundred hours riding in the car, thousands of miles to weddings, hundreds of thousands of pictures, and a lot of cakes!

While this is technically our “best of weddings,” we can never explain just how much each and every couple and wedding means to us. Having a photographer follow you around on your wedding day can be an intimate partnership and it’s something we treasure.

We know that couples don’t usually take choosing a photographer lightly, and the fact that 13 different couples chose us in 2019 is touching and humbling. We can’t thank all of the brides, grooms, and families enough for allowing us to be there.

For 2020, we already have 17 weddings booked (and one already booked for 2021, WHAT?!). We work very hard throughout the week and on the weekends to ensure all of our couples have the perfect pictures, but as hard as we work, we would have completely failed if it wasn’t for some amazing couples who were willing to let us be apart of their story.

We hope you enjoy some of our favorite moments from last year and we can’t wait to make so many more of them with all of our 2020 Katie Jaynes Couples.

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