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July 8, 2020

Exciting News for KJP | Videography Addition

We are so excited to announce something brand new and exciting for Katie Jaynes Photography! It’s something we have been thinking about for quite sometime!

We have added a new addition to our team!

We are now offering videography services as part of our wedding day collections for our couples! Yay! We are partnering with a local videographer, Jeff McElhannon, to offer wedding videography under the Katie Jaynes Photography Brand. This means we will know each other and work seamlessly on the wedding day.

So many people have expressed interest in a team that handles both photo and video, and now, we ARE that team! We have brought Jeff McElhannon in to handle the video side of things for us! What this means for our clients is that you can now come to ONE spot to book TWO vendors. Anyone who has planned or is in the midst of planning a wedding knows the fewer vendors you have to have contact with, the better!

Katie Jaynes Photography AND Videography

More Options, Better Service

We are going to be able to serve our clients even better by adding videography services as an option for their wedding day. Not only will you have a wonderful wedding video recap, and full ceremony video footage, but since we are working exclusively with Jeff, our services are going to be even better for our clients!

This means that we will know how each other work, we will share information like your pre-wedding questionnaire, so you only have to fill it out once, I’ll create your wedding day photography timeline and share it with Jeff, and then on the wedding day, we won’t be stepping in each other’s shots, but instead working together!

It’s a win-win for all of us! We know you are going to be so pleased to have Jeff as your videographer. With his long customer service background and eye for detail, he is going to serve and love you just like we will. His style is true to life, full of color, and fun, just like us! So his video work will complement our photos!

Meet Jeff and His Family

Why Are We Adding Wedding Videography?

For us, this has been a long conversation that we’ve been talking about for years. It’s always been our mission to make the wedding planning process as simple as possible for our couples.

We remember how crazy and stressful it was to plan our wedding. It’s a joyful time of life, but it can also be hectic. You’re trying to manage an average of 14 different vendors, coordinate schedules, manage payments, all while trying to actually enjoy that season.

We want to help other couples avoid this as much as possible. The obvious way for us to do this was to create a partnership with a quality videographer. That allows our couples to book to vendors at once and communicate through us. We can build the timeline and share that with Jeff our videographer. We can get all the important details from our clients, and share that with Jeff so he is prepared on the wedding day.

Our Search for a Videographer Partnership

When we first started looking for someone to partner our photography services with, there were several factors we had to consider. Surprisingly, experience wasn’t at the very top of the list. There were several other factors way more important to us than years in the wedding industry.

The first quality we wanted was someone who was kind, caring, and professional. Obviously, the quality of work is essential for us, but we wanted someone who is going to be gracious and loving to our clients and serve them well, first and foremost. Our couples are everything to us, and we wanted to partner with someone who believes in the same things.

The next factor we consider was someone who has attention to detail and is thoughtful. The wedding day can be a roller coaster ride. We needed someone who will remember all of the details and ensure that YOU get the video you want without anything forgotten.

Photo and Video Together

We can’t express how excited we are about this partnership and to see how it grows. Jeff and his family are wonderful people are we are so blessed to have him as a part of the Katie Jaynes Photography (and video) team!

If you have any questions about having us capture your magical wedding day in both photography and in video, please contact us at any time. We would love to go grab a cup of coffee and see how we can work with you to make it the most special day ever.


To see more about our videography offerings, click here.

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