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May 20, 2020

How to Have Wedding Florals of Your Dreams Without Breaking the Bank

I know I post about gorgeous florals a lot over here, but I’m just smitten. I love fresh flowers. Whether in my home, on a wedding day, or in front of my camera for detail shots. My favorites are peonies and hydrangeas! 💐

I think a beautiful bouquet can completely make your entire bridal look, and of course they are so fun to photograph!

But the one catch is, we all know wedding flowers can be expensive. That arbor for your ceremony lined with florals, ABSOLUTELY STUNNING, right?! Right. A bouquet full of colorful peonies. To die for!

But you’ll need to make room in your floral budget for all of that. And let me tell you, having a good sized budget set aside for your florals truly will make a huge difference in your overall look and feel, as well as in photos. I am a HUGE advocate for all the florals you can afford!

But I know, sometimes you have to prioritize and sometimes that might mean being a little more conservative with the decor. Here are some of my favorite ways to make the most of the flowers you buy! ⁠

⁠1.The Bride’s Bouquet

Let’s start with first things first. Your bouquet is probably (if not surely) the most important floral piece in the entire wedding! I know, that’s a lot of pressure for your cute little flowers, but it’s true!

The bridal bouquet will be photographed the most of all the bridesmaid bouquets and table flowers at the reception. And even more-so than the florals at the ceremony site. Go big with your bouquet! We are talking the bouquet of your dreams – don’t hold back!⁠

2. Go More Conservative on Bridesmaids Bouquets

If you feel like you need to save some money in your floral budget, you can do this with the bridesmaids bouquets. Firstly, they don’t need to be nearly as large as the bride’s bouquet. Secondly, you can choose flowers that tie in with the brides bouquet and match your theme, but may be a little more affordable. You can be a little more conservative with bridesmaids bouquets to save money.⁠

Remember, my tip above, don’t hold back with the bride’s bouquet, but DO be cautious with the bridesmaids bouquets. Your florist will totally be able to advise you on this!

3. Repurpose Ceremony Flowers at the Reception

Did you realize that your bridesmaid’s bouquets can be used again at the reception?? Double whammy! You can save some money here on your reception decor!

You can literally have a family member who has the job of collecting bridesmaids bouquet’s after wedding party portraits (or after the ceremony if you’ve done a first look) and places them in vases. If the vases are already set up on your food table or cake table, or even as some of the centerpieces on guest’s table, it should take no time at all to add some pops of florals to your reception scene.

4. Choose Flowers That Are In-Season

I can not stress this one enough! If you are hoping to have beautiful florals, but want to stay on budget, this is going to be your saving grace. In-season flowers are going to be much cheaper than ones that are out of season, or exotic/imported from somewhere crazy.

As long as you haven’t dreamed of having peonies in wedding your whole life, and you’ve decided on a December wedding. Sure, you will need to be a little open with your floral dreams, but again, your florist will be able to help you navigate through that!

Overall, like I mentioned multiple times, let your florist guide you and help you decide on where to spend your floral budget! They are the PROS! Don’t be afraid to ask for their help and guidance!

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