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August 21, 2020

Walker Century Farm Engagement Session | Rachel & Owen

Anderson SC Engagement Session

Rachel and Owen met at our church’s “Just Serve” day in April 2019 where we volunteered at a local ministry. Several of us met at Calvary Home for Children to help with yard work and varying things that were needed.

I remember weeding a flower bed and putting down pine straw with Rachel and our friend Audrey. I hadn’t known them for long, but enjoyed getting to spend time with them. I also remember Rachel asking who the guy driving the tractor around Calvary Home’s campus was. It was Owen. 😉

It wasn’t until a few months later that I realized that Rachel and Owen had begun dating! I was so happy for them. I hadn’t known Owen well, but had always seen him willing to help with set up and tear down for service at the elementary school before we had our permanent church building. We do know and love his sweet parents though. They’re wonderful people.
I have had the privilege to get to know Rachel over the last year and a half through our church’s women’s ministry studies called Ezer Groups. Rachel and I did 4 Ezer book studies with the same group of ladies together, starting February 2019- July 2020. It was such a sweet time of close-knit community that I will treasure for a long time. SO thankful for those ladies!
At our next to last Ezer meeting in June 2020, we went around and told about our current season of life and what we wanted the group to pray for.
Rachel said she was just tired from working nights as a new nurse, that she and Owen didn’t see each other a lot because of their busy work schedules. But most of all, she asked for prayer that her heart would be content with the season she was in, dating, and not looking too much into the unknown future of engagement. I asked for prayer because we had just started trying to get pregnant, and I so badly wanted to be a mom. I too, wanted contentment in my current season of life.
Fast forward, 4 days later, the Monday after we had just met for group on Thursday, and Rachel is now engaged! I found out 3 days after that that I was pregnant! Crazy to think that a week after we had just voiced our hearts desire, there we were, with answered prayers!
So just 3 weeks after the meeting where we had both shared our hearts desires, at our last meeting of the Summer, we went around the circle and both got to share our news! We had just found out a few weeks earlier that one of our other group members who had been trying to get pregnant for a long time was pregnant with twins!
God’s timing is impeccable and His faithfulness to answer our prayers is mind blowing.

Congrats Rachel & Owen!

We loved getting to spend time with Rachel and Owen for their engagement photos. It was a sweet time exploring around Walker Century Farms since Mitchel and I had never been out there. Owen brought his motorcycle for a few photos since he and Rachel enjoy riding together. I just loved that they were able to incorporate something they love into their session.
We are so thrilled for you guys, Owen & Rachel! I know that the Lord’s faithfulness will be evident throughout your story and marriage together. We can’t wait to be a part of your wedding day in October!
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