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May 27, 2020

Our Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations in the USA

We work with a lot of couples who decide to take a delayed honeymoon. There are many reasons for this.

Whether you’ve just started a new job and don’t have much vacation time, you’re an accountant getting married during tax season (oof!), or you just want to save up more money for a longer out of the country trip.

For those of you wanting to take a short honeymoon the days right after your wedding, we have a few favorite spots and we are going to tell you why we love them!

It’s a great idea to at least get away for a couple of days right after the wedding. Even if you aren’t splurging on a whole week long trip.

So here are some of our favorite destinations for a 2-3 day trip to celebrate your new life together:

We love visiting AND shooting in Charleston!

  1. Charleston, SC

    Enough said here. Charleston isn’t the #1 “South’s Best City” by Southern Living Magazine for no reason. In fact, we could camp out here for hours talking about all the wonderful things we love about Charleston, but we will just pick a few!

    In Charleston, there is so much to do! Are you a beach person? Are you more of age-up-and-explore person?

    You can go to the beach, see some of the most beautiful history & architecture, shop til you drop downtown on King and Meeting Streets, and eat some of the most fabulous food ever. A top favorite restaurant among is Hyman’s Seafood. Recently we were downtown shooting a wedding and found a cute little place we loved, called Verde. There are endless options in Charleston!

  2. Hilton Head Island, SC

    Hilton Head a few years ago!

    We LOVE HHI! If you are a beach lover and all you want to do it sit, relax, tan, and enjoy the ocean breeze with no interruptions, Hilton Head may just be for you! The beaches aren’t terribly crowded, which is a plus!

    Also, if you love biking, cute little restaurants, and climbing to the top of a beautiful lighthouse, you’ll be a happy camper!

    We have been lucky enough to go to HHI several times to stay at Mitchel’s aunt’s condo, and every time we fall more and more in love! It’s the most relaxing place!

    If you are a Disney lover, but can’t splurge on an all out week long Disney trip, check out the HHI Disney Resort!

  3. Asheville, NC

    We actually just celebrated our 5 year anniversary with an overnight stay in the Asheville area! We love Asheville! It’s not too far from us here in Upstate, SC, and it’s just dreamy.

    If you haven’t been to the Biltmore Estate, we highly suggest it! As America’s largest home, you’ll fall in love, not to mention it’s right in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, with beautiful views all around!¬†Stay for a night or two at the Inn on Biltmore or just a few minutes away at The Omni Grove Park Inn. We have been to both, and you can’t go wrong either way!

    We also love the Biltmore Winery! Head in for a wine tasting after you tour the Home.

    Downtown Asheville has tons of cute shopping, restaurants and sites to see as well! We highly recommend checking out Asheville!

  4. Waco, TX

    This past September, we took our first ever trip to Texas for 5 days, and of course Waco was on our must-see list. Spend a night in Waco and tour the famous Magnolia Market, Silos Baking Co, Magnolia Table, Harp Design Co., and the Waco Farmer’s Market. These were some of our favorite places!
    The home of the drink Dr. Pepper is also just minutes away from Magnolia Market. You can take a tour to the Dr. Pepper Museum.

    If you’re a college football lover, head over to Baylor University’s campus to take a walking tour and be sure to visit McLane Stadium. We went on a weekday and actually got to go inside!

  5. Washington, DC

    In December, we took a trip to Richmond, VA to see our photography mentors, Katelyn James Alsop & Michael Alsop! After our day-conference with them, we drove to DC for a few days, and it did not disappoint! We actually didn’t expect to love it as much as we did. Neither of us are city people, but we fell in love and wished we’d have had more time there.
    There are more historic sites than you can count, but a few of our favorites were the Library of Congress, a few of the Smithsonian Museums & the Zoo (all FREE!), a night time tour of DC Monuments by bus, and riding Bird scooters all around to site-see.


We hope that you realize there are so many affordable options so that you can take a few days for you and your brand new spouse! Need more recs? Message us and we would love to chat! Happy Honeymooning!

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