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April 8, 2020

Wedding Planning During COVID-19

Well – we’ve talked a lot about writing this post and we weren’t really sure how to do it. We’ve talked about what we should include or if we should even do it. Look, all of us vendors are trying to make the best informed decisions, too! We have never lived through a pandemic either. Our hope is that this info might be helpful to couples planning their weddings throughout this pandemic!

We knew we had to say SOMETHING on the issue! We posted a few weeks back with some tips regarding rescheduling weddings due to coronavirus, but this post is more for people who have weddings planned for later-Summer and Fall.

We’ve had several brides who have postponed weddings, which is heartbreaking, but we’ve also had several new couples inquire about their weddings for 2021 in just the past few weeks. 

Honestly, this blew our minds. We wrongly assumed that everyone and everything would just stop. I said to Mitchel “Yay! People DO still want to get married!” Which sounds kind of funny but it was starting to feel a little like no one would ever get married again. 🙂 

People are still planning their weddings during all of this craziness! And that makes us SO happy and encouraged. I can’t imagine planning a wedding when almost all stores are closed. And then today, there is a new “Work or Home” order.

So, that’s what we wanted to talk to you guys about:

It is STILL possible to plan your wedding during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

If your wedding is toward the end of the year or still several months away, say, August, or later, you don’t want to put all of your planning on hold and you don’t want to prematurely postpone your wedding either (because who has time for that?).

But what can you do while you aren’t allowed to meet anyone face to face or sit down with your baker to taste test cake? (because to be honest, we know that’s the important part). 

I’m a type A, list-loving girl, so the thought of not having a rock-solid plan is terrifying to me. But i have learned so much about being flexible during this uncertain time. I’ve been telling all of my brides to have a Plan B (even if they haven’t thought about rescheduling yet). Even if your wedding isn’t until late Summer or Fall. 


Advice from Wedding Pros

Here is some advice from Allie of Katharine Marie Wedding, a bridal boutique owner and wedding planner in Anderson:

“All vendors should be able to do phone or video calls [with clients]. Ideally, venues or rental companies could do video tours of their venue or inventory. Brides can /should ask for photos of the items so they can create design boards too! Which is so fun! Maybe they could ask their bakers & caterers to drop off samples at their house and do a virtual session too.”

Justs like Allie mentioned, it doesn’t hurt to talk to your vendors. Just ask if they are able to video chat or do a tour for you. They are the professionals, so even if you jump on a call with them and feel totally lost, don’t worry! It’s their job to guide you through this! Let them be the expert.

Be sure to find out their availability for your potential postponement if you’re a Spring/Summer bride, and if you’re a Fall bride, NOW is the time to contact them since so many Spring brides are locking down vendors for their new Fall wedding dates. It also doesn’t hurt to ask about vendor’s postponement policies. Hopefully you will never have to postpone, but an open conversation never hurt anyone!

Let’s look at what other people are saying about planning your wedding during a pandemic.
This is from Brides.com:
“Start emailing vendors that you’re interested in working with and have some virtual time with them where you can explain your ideas and your mood boards and they can show you what they have to offer. And then I would set appointments in place for when the quarantine lifts so you guys can get together in-person and get the ball rolling.”


Things that can still be planned for your wedding during COVID-19:

1. Wedding Coordinator

Our number one tip to plan a wedding well during COVID-19, is to hire a wedding planner! She is going to be your saving grace! Wedding planners are going to be in the know about what’s allowed and can help you navigate your options in terms of postponing, or not. 

If you do not currently have a planner or coordinator, PLEASE let us know and we’d love to recommend several to you! Even though they may not be able to meet in person, you can for sure hire a planner right now to help you make informed decisions about your wedding day!


2. Wedding Dresses 

Who doesn’t want to try on pretty dresses? Now, how in the world can you wedding dress shop when all of the dress shops are closed? 

That’s where our friend at Katherine Marie Weddings can come in. Listen to this awesome idea! KMW is offering curbside service, but for wedding dresses! You can do a virtual consultation to help you pick out your dress options, then you can drive up to her shop. She will load in your options, you can go home and try them on, and then bring back the ones you didn’t choose! It’s as easy as that. 

I think Allie at Katharine Marie Weddings is awesome to have figured out how to help brides be able to continue the wedding dress shopping process.

For some extra fun, we suggest having a virtual wedding dress try-on party. Set up your phone on Facetime and put it in your living room. Have all of your girlfriends on the phone and every dress you try on, you can show off! Maybe even pop some champagne to celebrate! 


3. Virtual Tours – Venues, Event Rentals, Etc.

We got this idea from real estate agents. More and more agents are offering virtual tours and some college campuses are doing it too for potential students.

Real estate agents are scheduling times for their clients to get on Facetime and they will walk them through the home virtually. 

Why can’t you do the same with a wedding venue? We’ve seen several venues offering these virtual tours for any bride who’s planning their wedding. Of course, it’s not as perfect as the real thing, but it will allow you to get a feel for the venue better than only seeing photos of it. A video tour is MUCH better than having to pick a venue without seeing it at all. 

If you haven’t picked a venue yet, ask your venue if they are able to host a virtual tour. 

Now, what about Plan B? If you have not yet booked a venue, have a plan B so that if your favorite venue is booked, you have options. 


Deep breaths!

Like we have been saying for weeks, if you’re planning or postponing an already-planned wedding during this season, the best policy is COMMUNICATION! Communication with vendors early and often is going to be the most helpful way of getting through this crazy time! Pretty much any vendor you need should be able to do a video chat with you or a tour if they are a venue, event rentals company, etc.

This too, shall pass, friend! And in the end, you being married to the love of you life is all that matters! We are rooting for you and though we don’t claim to know it all, we are happy to chat or be a sounding board to help you through this time!




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