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July 24, 2019

The Gassaway Mansion | Greenville, SC historic wedding venue

The Gassaway Mansion |Greenville, SC | Wedding Venue

The first time we ever attended a wedding at The Gassaway Mansion was at a friend’s wedding in 2016. From the first time we stepped on the grounds, we fell in love. During our friend’s wedding, it had rained all day but held off during the ceremony. But even the rain didn’t take away from the beauty of the ceremony at the front of the porch.

Now, if you were to ask us what makes The Gassaway so special – we wouldn’t be able to pick just one thing. Instead of picking one favorite thing, we decided to pick three (because we can!)

Firstly, we LOVE the porch! What classic,  southern wedding doesn’t include a GORGEOUS front porch?! The Gassaway Mansion will host your dream wedding on their massive front porch with white columns, with all of your guests sitting in the front yard. What doesn’t sound dreamy about that?

Our second favorite thing is all of the history on the inside. There are thousands of venues out there trying to recreate the old victorian style of Gassaway. They have gorgeous antique art lining the inside of the building – if you’re into art and history, there is NO better place in Greenville to get married.

The last thing we love about The Gassaway Mansion is the GIANT white reception tent at the side of the house. There is just something magical about having lights strung up under a tent at night with the most gorgeous couches, chandeliers, and more! You can customize the look you’d like. The Gassaway makes the reception look like a fairytale. There is plenty of room for people to mingle and bust a move!

Now that you know why WE like it, let’s see what the venue owners have to say.

The Gassaway Mansion Wedding Details

Here are some of the basic details of the venue:

The Gassaway offers 2 separate packages for couples to choose from.
The basic package and the platinum package (don’t be fooled by the name, both packages are AMAZING).

Let’s break down the basic package first. All of the prices are based on 100 guests, but the venue can fit many more guests than that if you’d like.

Here are the services included in the basic package:

  • Catering – Sit down buffet for 100 people with an entree and four side items
  • Flowers – you pick the colors
  • Ceremony Flowers – with a large arrangement and additional decorations
  • Reception Flowers – arrangements for food tables, and staircases
  • Personal Flowers – bridal bouquet, bridesmaids, a throw bouquet, and corsages
  • Rental Fixtures – 200 chairs, tables, the guest book stands, and the captain’s table with linens
  • The Venue Rental for Six Hours
  • Parking Attendant

This is one of the shining parts of Gassaway – you get all of this from the venue! You won’t have to go to three or four separate vendors to piece-meal your wedding. They are a one-stop-shop for a beautiful Greenville, SC wedding.

The Platinum package has all of the same features listed above, but with even more additions:

  • Rental of the platinum tent (which is GORGEOUS)
  • Tent decorations and lighting
  • 13 Linens with color overlay

If neither of these packages is quite what you were looking for, The Gassaway can work with you to customize the package and add any additional things you might need. If you talk to the staff and owners of The Mansion, you’ll realize just how much they care about making your day as special as possible.

A Photo-tour of The Gassaway Mansion

(All Photos were shot by Katie Jaynes Photography)

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