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April 12, 2022

A Barn at Sitton Hill Farm Wedding | Mr. & Mrs. Hills

Easley, SC Spring Wedding

Collin and Brooklyn Hills were married at The Barn at Sitton Hill Farm on April 8. We absolutely love The Barn at Sitton Hill Farm and always enjoy each time we get to shoot a wedding out there!

Collin and Brooklyn met at church. Collin was already a part of the worship team and Brooklyn was auditioning for the worship team. We learned during reception toasts/speech time that Collin told a friend of his “man, I like her”….and his friend responded that “she’s way out of your league”. Haha. Such an encouraging friend. 😂

Collin proposed when Brooklyn and he were on a hike (or so she thought) in New Mexico where they are stationed in the Air Force. Collin is a drone pilot so he told Brooklyn that he was just testing out a drone, when in reality he was going to propose and capture it all. At the wedding on a tv in the barn they displayed the video he made where he captured the entire proposal and some really beautiful views that day on their hike.

The Wedding Day At Sitton Hill Farm

The wedding day was amazing! Collin was completely relaxed and seemed to have no nerves at all. Brooklyn was all smiles and so happy while getting ready with her girls in the bridal suite. Before the ceremony, Brooklyn shared a first look with her dad and brother, which was a sweet time and then took photos with her girls in the windy cold weather (cold weather April in SC in NOT typical but they were troopers!).

The day was super windy and in the hour leading up to the ceremony, Brooklyn’s mom and coordinator Kim began to think about making the call to move the ceremony indoors for fear of rain and also having their guests sit in the wind and cold. About 45 minutes before the ceremony, Brooklyn’s mom Bonnie asked Collin to make the final call. Calmy and confidently, he said, lets do it inside. 

SUCH a great decision because the wind would have been miserable. Brooklyn said that she was so glad that the ceremony was inside so that she could actually enjoy it and take it all in, rather than being miserably cold outside instead. The ceremony was beautiful and officiated by Collin’s dad which was very special! 

The reception was such a fun time of food, dancing, drinks, and an absolutely amazing dessert table! One of my favorite little details on the dessert table, near the brownie tower, was just the cutest detail. Brooklyn and Collin’s precious little dog had her own little representation at the wedding. A cute little figurine just about 2 or so inches tall sate kind of camouflaged. After they cut the cake, Brooklyn moved their sweet pup right up to the top of the amazing cheesecake they cut together. 

Brooklyn and Collin, we wish you all the best and hope you’re having the time of your life on your honeymoon in Hawaii!

  1. Susan Frausto says:

    Your blog was so well written and the photos were so beautiful! Thank you for telling their story as clearly thru your photographic talent as you did in your blog! I thoughly enjoyed this!
    Blessings to you!

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