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July 30, 2020

Heyward Manor Engagement Photos | Taylor & Brandon

Iva, SC Engagement Photos | Heyward Manor

When we arrived at Hayward Manor, I just adored what I saw. Seriously, so dreamy! Right before you pull onto the road the venue is on, there is the cutest tree farm that is owned by the family who owns the venue! So cute.

Once we pulled up to the building, I immediately fell in love. I knew from pictures that it was pretty, but I loved it even more in person.

Heyward Manor is every southern, classy bride’s dream. It’s all white on the outside with wood accents. Outside around the venue, there are the most beautiful white hydrangeas EVERYWHERE! Hydrangeas are my favorite so I was so happy that so many of them were in bloom for their portraits.

Inside of Heyward Manor, there is white all around, the most beautiful wooden tables, and the prettiest chandeliers! This is why this venue is perfect for Taylor and Brandon. Taylor is a self-proclaimed girly-girl, and Brandon loves to hunt and fish. The groom’s suite perfectly caters to Brandon’s hobbies with the decor, and the bridal suite is so girly and to die for, according to Taylor! 🙂

IVA, SC Wedding Venue

I have yet to see those for myself yet, but I can’t wait for her bridal portraits because I know she is wanting to head upstairs to the bridal suite while we are there next Spring.

We loved getting to meet Taylor and Brandon for their session! The sweet couple first met many years ago in their church youth group. And 6 years ago they finally started dating. Taylor said she had known Brandon for so long that she thought “really Taylor, you like Brandon?!” And the rest is history for these high school sweethearts!

They are from Royston and Hartwell, GA so they drove a good ways to get to Iva where the venue is located. Taylor goes to UGA and is starting back with classes soon for her last year of college, so she wanted to go ahead and get her engagement photos done.

I’m so glad we did because we loved spending time with them. They are so much fun and we know their May 2021 wedding will be a blast!

Heyward Manor has so much variety for portraits! The building itself, greenery all around, a beautiful tall field of grass, a tree-lined pathway toward the pond, and so much more! Keep scrolling to view some of our very favorites!

Taylor and Brandon, we absolutely can’t wait to celebrate you guys in May of next year!

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