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October 30, 2021

Heyward Manor Wedding Venue | Iva, SC

UPDATED Oct. 4, 2022

We wanted to re-visit our original post of Heyward Manor that we posted in 2021. Since then, we’ve photographed SEVERAL weddings at the venue. And we wanted to give a full insiders review of the venue. We want to show you exactly why we LOVE this venue.

Why We Love Heyward Manor

Hey bride! I remember the challenges of choosing a wedding venue. You need to first find the style you like. Do you want something that’s modern and in the city? A historic home overlooking a field or maybe you love the rustic barn look. Obviously, I want a venue that you love the look and feel of. That comes first.

Then you’ve got to comb through all of the details, practicality, and convenience. Is the venue near any hotels or will all of your guests have to drive 2 hours for the wedding? Then you have to consider the vendors and if catering will have a place to prepare the food and will the DJ/band have enough room to set up.

just married couple kissing in a tree swing next to a pond

That’s just the beginning. Trust me – I know it’s not easy.

That’s why when we photograph at venues that we love, we tell everyone we know about them. Great venues are hard to find.

For this particular venue spotlight, we wanted to showcase a new favorite of ours, Heyward Manor in Iva, South Carolina. If you’re in the Greenville or Anderson area and you’re starting to wedding plan, this venue needs to be on your list.

Heyward Manor Wedding

Let’s talk about the different reasons we love Heyward Manor.

The first we need to mention is the owners. Even from our first phone call to schedule an engagement session, they have been nothing but amazing.

During our first visit to the venue, the owner was there, and watching them interact with our couple seemed like they had known each other for decades.

The Owners

The main factor of a wedding venue is the building, the grounds, and the style. BUT! even the best venue can become a nightmare if the owners, managers, or staff are not a pleasure to work with. Have no fear at Heyward Manor.

Since originally posting this article, we’ve gotten closer to the owners of Heyward Manor. In fact, we go to church with the daughter of the owner (the reason the venue was created) and we can guarantee that you’ll love working with these folks. In fact, it’s the one rave that all of our brides have – they constantly talk about how kind and caring the owners are.

You can see how much they care as soon as you talk to any of the family who owns and operates the venue. In fact, just the story of how Heyward Manor came to be shows you the type of people you’ll be working with,

We often tell people that Heyward Manor is more than just a wedding venue. It’s where I, along with my siblings and cousins, grew up and it is a place filled with warmth and love. It’s our home. To us, family is everything, and we consider all our sweet couples to be new members of our family. That’s how our grandfather would have wanted it.

In 1982, my father, uncle and grandfather first bought and developed our land, pouring love, sweat and tears into the tree farm that surrounds the venue today. We truly believe that you can feel that love in this place when you are here. So, we invite you to come visit for yourself, and we look forward to welcoming you into our family. It’s the stuff of fairy tales, and we dream of creating magic and making yours come true.

Getting Married at Heyward Manor

Now, let’s talk about the venue itself and what you’ll get when you get married at Hewyard Manor. The views and the beauty are obvious, and the pictures don’t do it justice.

We know there are a lot of “barn” wedding venues out there – they are a dime a dozen, but this isn’t just another wedding venue.

We really believe Heyward combines the best of many styles. They have a clean, modern vibe combined with the large barn setting. What’s not to love?

Heyward is more than just a nice place for a ceremony. As wedding photographers, we also value spaces that offer plenty of pretty backgrounds, lighting, convenient spaces to get ready, and plenty of space for guests to dance.

This venue has them all. After you walk in the large white barn doors, you see the spacious reception/ceremony spot. Which is another advantage of getting married at Heyward.

wedding ceremony on the patio at heyward manor

Ceremony and Receptions at Heyward Manor

One of the reasons we love going out to the venue is because of the ceremony spots. First, let’s say that regardless of where you get married on the property, it’s going to be BEAUTIFUL. But what’s amazing is your have options.

They have two stunning spots to host your ceremony. The first is directly off of the barn on the patio overlooking the pond and woods.

The other is down right next to the pond underneath the shade trees. Either way, these spots have plenty of room for all your weddings guests and you’ll love how the ima

Wedding Venue in Iva, SC

If you’re not from the Anderson area, you’re probably unfamiliar with Iva, SC (that’s okay, most people don’t know about the city). It’s a small town in the southern part of Anderson county and its name is always grouped with the town next to it, Starr – so, Starr-Iva.

Iva is a small town, but you and your wedding guests won’t have to drive for hours to get to quality hotels and delicious food. Both Anderson and Greenville are nice, short drives through the country.

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