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October 15, 2020

Sassafras Mountain Engagement Session | Kara & Hal

Sasafrass mountain engagement pictures, Pickens SC

Greenville SC Mountain Engagement Session

We had a blast with Kara & Hal for their engagement session! They are so much fun together and we felt like we became fast friends with them. It felt so natural, and we truly love when that happens the first time we meet a couple. We’ve been so blessed with awesome couples, so this is common for us, thankfully!

Kara entered our engagement session giveaway back in January of this year. Due to the craziness that covid brought, we postponed shooting their session until the Fall, which Kara and Hal actually preferred!

We met at Sassafras Mountain for their session, and they truly picked the best location. It’s the highest point in South Carolina, and I’d argue one of the most beautiful. We absolutely love shooting there. It’s one of our favorite mountain areas because it’s easy to access, is close to the Upstate of SC, and has some gorgeous views! There is a new overlook that was built and finished earlier this year at the top of Sassafras. It’s the perfect spot for portraits right at sunset because you get a soft, colorful, and glowy view of the mountains!

We started their session a little lower on the mountain around some tree-lined pathways and pretty views. Then worked our way to the top! It could not have been more perfect and dreamy.

We enjoyed getting to hear about Kara and Hal’s relationship and how they actually first met at a wing place. Mitchel was cracking up because Kara said she actually poked fun at Hal that night for ordering boneless wings. 😂 Mitchel and Hal seem to have a similar dry, sarcastic sense of humor. Which Mitchel just loved. Kara has the same types of reactions to Hal’s sense of humor as I do to Mitchel’s. Maybe that’s why we clicked so well! Ha!

We also loved hearing about their time living in Asheville and their recent move to the Greenville area. They have had a super busy 2020! They are in the midst of planning a wedding, Kara finished her pharmacy residency and got a new job at the Asheville VA Pharmacy, and they moved to Greenville!

I loved Kara and Hal’s outfit choices, too! Their first outfit was the more casual of the two, but still adorable and allowed the greenery and pretty scenery to shine through since the colors were more neutral! Their second outfit was also adorable and fantastically matched with the sunset colors! I don’t know if they planned that or if it was a coincidence, but I was so impressed!

Enjoy a few of our very favorites from our time with Kara and Hal!

Sassafrass Engagement Pictures

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